Alessandro Pepe

Soul and spirit of Rimessa Roscioli, Alessandro Pepe has years of experience in the world of food and wine, which he comunicates with huge passion and great know-how. Milan, Dublin and Rome are the cities that have marked and outlined his path. Today Alessandro can be found at the Rimessa among 2.800 labels, where he hosts tastings that are rich in information about the territory and the history of the products. But he also travels to discover new delicacies to offer his customers and guests.


Maurizio Paparello

Maurizio Paparello has been for years the image and the head Sommelier of the restaurant Salumeria Roscioli. He is considered one of the greatest connoisseurs of Italian wines and he is also a great expert of  French wines. Maurizio is also one of the illustrious writers for the guide “Best 99 champagne House”, considered the best book about French Bubbles.


Dario Cappelloni

Dario Cappelloni has collaborated for many years with Gambero Rosso, the guide I Vini d’Italia and Berebene, of which he was co-curator. Among the leading wine experts of Sardinia and the Alto Adige, he currently writes for Doctor Wine and travels throughout the notable European wine regions with great passion and spirit of research.


Lindsay Gabbard

Lindsay Gabbard is a wine passionate from Santa Barbara, seeking to integrate the views of the Old World with her New World roots through an unpretentious approach. Currently, she lives in Rome and works with wine while exploring the various facets and issues of wine-making and its history here. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling through the many wine regions in Europe, studies with the Court of Master Sommeliers and has worked in various wine bars.


Christopher MacLean

Christopher MacLean is a wine junkie living in Milan, but drinking often in Rome and Washington, DC. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the politics of the French wine industry, worked for a U.S. wine importer, and spends much of his free time organizing wine tastings with friends. During a 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force, Chris was lucky enough to live in Italy, Germany, Spain, and California, which led to many winery visits and travel to most of the world’s major wine regions.


Johnny Madge

Johnny Madge, who will be holding the Olive Oil Tastings at Roscioli, is an international olive oil judge. For the last 6 years he has been running his highly successful Johnny Madge Olive Oil Tour in Sabina. For 5 years he worked on the Slow Food panel for their Extravergini Olive Oil guide and was the only non-Italian. He has done olive oil tastings on tv in the US and for the BBC for the Rev Run of RunDMC and British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes.


Jovica Todorovic

After a long and intense experience in the world of wine, Jovica Todorovic opened in 2013 the Unoevino, a small and independent agency to negotiate wine, and today is divided between the management of his own business and consulting in the beverage sector. He received his Sommelier diploma at the AIS and the Master of Sensory Analysis at Bibenda, with which he collaborated for some editions of the guide Duemilavini.


Gaetano Saccoccio

Philosopher “of anything academy” class ’74. Always in search of inns, vineyards, winemakers, artisans or stories worthy to be lived and told. His website is, an explicit homage to the timeless poem of classical antiquity. A true and virtual spacetime in which attempts to merge two increasingly irreconcilable worlds or models: that of scientific culture and literature, through a conscious education to drink, renewing of the disassembly of the Myths of Today and proposing a semiotics of the complex contemporary world – food industrialization, pollution, agricultural policies, climate change, trade speculation, taste homologation – interpreted through what apparently is just a simple glass of wine.
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Cristiano Ceccherini

Man FOH and road, interprets his job with passion as if it was a first step into a journey, his true calling.
Graduated AIS, sensory analysis Master, long experience with Roscioli when Roscioli was growing; passion for the bottlesalmost physical, are for him of emotion folders to browse onlyat the right time. It hides, shy as he is, at that Melbourne in Australia listening to his vinyls.