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Carussin’s the name of the winery, does exist since 1927, it is located in San Marzano Oliveto (Nizza Monferrato/Canelli in Piedmont). I must admit that last and actually only time I drank this bottle I was a little too suspicious and off-guard.
First “faux pas” of this wine is the crown cap; second is a Nebbiolo from which quite often in Langhe they produce bigger than life, costly but sometimes stuffy if not out-of-date-too-modern Barolo and Barbaresco; third is that despite the over strenght and potential of the grape – friendly cracked open like a cheap bottle of beer – though here what we’ve got from the start in the glass it is a ready to drink beverage full of vigor, rich in juice, very well balanced in structure and plesantness probabily due to the evidence of that clear and practical winemaking tecniques: natural fermentation, unfiltered process with no added sulphur.
I thought three titles for this review, although in the end I chose another one:
1. Nobly simple
2. Praise of imperfection
3. Predetermined disharmony — a year ago

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Nos Dos Sisto NA12 Nebbiolo

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