Pacalet e Del Prete lo Yin e lo Yang del Vino

o Philippe Pacalet Puligny-Montrachet 2014
o Natalino Del Prete “Nataly” Primitivo 2015

The yin and the yang of wine on the dinner table at Alcova del Frate (Verona) at the workshop by Massimo Perna, one of the evenings of the past event Vinitaly 2017.
The shadowy side of the hill (yin) and the sunny side of the hill (yang).

• White / Black
• Darkness / Light
• North / South
• Burgundy / Puglia
• Chardonnay / Primitivo

Opposition does not necessarily mean division or contrast – Yin = Bad and Yang = Good – but represents two energized polarities fused into one living matter (Tao te Ching).


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Pacalet e Del Prete lo Yin e lo Yang del Vino

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