Roberto Conterno / Vignaiolo in Langa Parte 1

Un’intervista informale tra i più talentuosi e schivi produttori di Langa.

About The Author
- Soul and spirit of Rimessa Roscioli, Alessandro Pepe has years of experience in the world of food and wine, which he comunicates with huge passion and great know-how. Milan, Dublin and Rome are the cities that have marked and outlined his path.Today Alessandro can be found at the Rimessa among 2.800 labels, where he hosts tastings that are rich in information about the territory and the history of the products. But he also travels to discover new delicacies to offer his customers and guests.

Questions and Comments

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  • Paul Blaine

    Ciao, Alessandro: Have you thought of opening a place in Philadelphia, a city and region that is all about the Italian-American migration and culture? Property purchase or rental costs would be considerably lower than in Manhattan, and the experience you provide would be enthusiastically embraced by the equally enthusiastic foodie community throughout the area. I would expect you to be s great success here. meanwhile, my wife and I have been drinking Contucci vino nobile consistently since we had the pleasure of tasting with you on Oct 31, 2015. Best regards, Paul Blaine

    • Alessandro Pepe

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for responding. At some point we’d like to have a place everywhere. Currently we are looking for restaurant owners, investors etc who might be interested in opening a place since we won’t physically be opening it. If you know anyone, let us know.

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