Zeno’s Conscience


Zeno Zignoli is a really small winemaker in Vaplolicella. Only 7 thousand bottles for a unique wine.

Zeno is not just a wine maker but a kind of philosopher. Listening to his stories is more than just learning about wine. It is about Nature, soil, tradition and right and wrong behaviors in agriculture.

Zeno came to Rome visiting us in November 2015 (for likely the first time in his life, because he almost never leaves his farm) and we edited 10 small videos that will be published in the next months.

We also went to visit his place and made another 4 short videos that will come here soon.

About The Author
- Soul and spirit of Rimessa Roscioli, Alessandro Pepe has years of experience in the world of food and wine, which he comunicates with huge passion and great know-how. Milan, Dublin and Rome are the cities that have marked and outlined his path.Today Alessandro can be found at the Rimessa among 2.800 labels, where he hosts tastings that are rich in information about the territory and the history of the products. But he also travels to discover new delicacies to offer his customers and guests.

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